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Upon my first trip with Clive I was the age of ten. I had no idea what to expect, and was somewhat inexperienced in all aspects of hunting. This was a father and son trip, and a great one at that. He treated me appropriately and I was never bored, with the attention span of a ten year old that is impressive. While it was the only big game animal I shot (because of my shooting not Clive) I shot a massive Kudu of fifty-four inches (That is huge!) with two inch white tips. On my second trip, I was fourteen and able to shoot larger calibers and set my sights on a giraffe. We did not reserve this tag, but Clive worked a little and got a tag for it. He set me up just right for the shot, told me where i needed to adjust my aim for elevation and allowed me to get a perfect lethal shot. He knew how to tell if the trophy was good and we were able to get a perfect skin off it. He even gave ideas as to what do to it for my wall trophy. I did not shoot another trophy due to the fact it was a family hunt and he had to entertain three other people. If this was your once in a lifetime trip I highly recommend Clive Hallamore and Hallamore Hunts if you truly wish to make it perfect.

Hampton S.