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My family had hunted with Clive before, and I put the standards very high because I’ve heard so many stories about Clive Hallamore and his team. From my first day in camp he was very patient starting me on small birds to see what I was capable of doing and the handling of my weapon. Clive was extremely attentive to my questions (that NEVER ended), and to my needs as a young hunter. On my 4th day I became ill, Clive was the one to notice I had tick bite fever. He had the knowledge to know how to treat it and the medicine in his kit for me to take. Clive was always checking on me and kept my spirits high when he was in camp! Clive also tended to make sure there were foods available I liked, as the camp food was different than my Mom’s home cooking, especially, since I am a very picky eater Clive had always made sure I was never hungry and happy with the meal that was being served. All in All, Clive Hallamore is an amazing P.H and friend. If you are looking for the perfect hunt Hallamore Hunts is the absolute BEST.

Emma S.