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Zambezi Valley Hunts

Between the Zambezi River and its towering escarpment lies The Zambezi Valley. This wild amphitheatre of rugged wilderness

– that supports a plethora of huntable species  from the reclusive Grysbok to 6 of the “Big 7”- is where Hallamorehunt bases its

safari operations out of the famed Chewore South Safari Area.

Chewore needs little introduction as a prime safari destination. It has everything that a dedicated sportsman could wish for in a

free-range hunting concession – and more. This haven encapsulates the aura of a bygone age where every outing from the

stylish safari camp, is an exploratory adventure into the unknown. Whether in pursuit of your dream buffalo through

miles of adrenalizing Jesse bush or a chance encounter with the wily bushbuck on a stroll through the dappled riverine

forests, Hallamorehunt is sure to offer you an unforgettable experience in the Zambezi Valley.